Build computer vision models for all use cases

Train a computer vision model relevant to your business without the need to collect & label vast amounts of images.

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Get the most value out of your data by training industry- and use-case specific models

Build computer vision applications for your specific business needs by leveraging visual foundation models.

Train your proprietary foundation model or use Synativ's starting points if you have low amounts of data (100s of images).

Synativ supports classification, detection, and segmentation tasks.

Start building your applications with only a few lines of code (no PhD required).

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Synativ's platform helps you to train computer vision models efficiently

up to 80%

Synativ's foundation model approach allows you to achieve the same model performance without collecting and labelling massive datasets.

up to 65%

Training with smaller datasets saves money on valuable cloud compute.

up to 9 months

Stop waiting for data collection & labelling and wrangling with GitHub repositories. Build applications quickly on top of Synativ's foundation models and SDK.

Reduce total development cost by leveraging visual foundation models

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What is a Visual Foundation Model (VFM)?
What is the difference between an industry-specific an a use-case specific model?
How much data do I need to start?
What use cases can I build using Synativ?
How do I deploy your models?
Can I use Synativ through a UI instead of the Python SDK?
What is your pricing?